ReThinken`s help, Atoms experienced the best results they've seen with shopping feeds campaign .

Client: Atoms

Focus: Shopping Feeds Campaign, Discovery & Research, Strategy Planning, Brand Strategy, Ecommerce Design

The Challenge

Atoms team began selling their products on a secondary site targeting retail business owners and wholesalers. Additionally, the merchant experienced some sales fluctuations due to the seasonal nature of their products.

Our Approach

We suggested an SEO strategy with on-page content and optimized tags in order to capitalize on the store’s strong branding and unique selling points.

  • Implementing ecommerce and SEO best practices to differentiate direct customer site from wholesaler site
  • Leveraging wide-spread brand awareness and presence to influence organic traffic increases
  • Optimizing critical landing and product pages to maximize brand and product online exposure

Key Results

Taking an Existing Shopping Feeds Campaign and Making it More Profitable

  • 304% Increase in Revenue from Shopping Feeds
  • 74% Increase in Traffic from Shopping Feeds
  • 54%Increase in Customers from Shopping Feeds
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