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Cabinet’s primary challenge was to develop an email strategy that would increase conversions and engagement for promotional and automated email campaigns, and integrate seamlessly with their ecommerce website.


With a new email strategy and promotional calendar in-hand we set out to build our automated campaigns and create new email templates that lifted the brand and drove better results. Accordingly, we redesigned the emails with modern typography, new headers, animated banners, and focused on seasonal content/products.

Klaviyo started to pay big dividends when we personalized the emails to include recommended products based on browsing, purchasing behavior, and in some cases predetermined personas. The Ecosite team was able to leverage cart and browse information to automatically send emails 24 hours, 3 days and 5 days after an item had been viewed or added to the cart. Through extensive testing, we were able to determine the most effective cadence and send times.


The results of the automated emails showed that after integrating with Shopify, these emails had over 80% increase in open rates and over 40% increase in click-through rates since these emails were personalized with recommendations and reminders of products that the customer was actually interested in.

After just one year of leveraging the advanced features of Klaviyo and the Shopify integration functions, revenue had increased from $70,000 to over $290,000 per month, and email traffic almost tripling from under 9k to over 28k per month.