Cat Person

Consumer Culture
Cat Person

Services Provided

  • Rapid full-funnel experimentation
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Marketplace acquisition strategy
  • Content strategy
  • SEO
  • Design, UX, and copywriting
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative copy and messaging
  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard
  • Facebook and LinkedIn ads
  • Google Search, Bing ads


Catperson’s, when they first reached out to Ecosite, was in need of doing a rebrand, relaunch, and redesign of their website. The idea for this was to make it so that their website would match the quality of their products. They didn’t like the copywriting on their old site, they wanted to rebrand, and they knew they needed help trying to help increase their sales. While the rebrand and redesign of the site were taking place, they knew they needed to support the operation of their site for optimal performance.


Our first goal was to ensure that technical and on-page SEO was properly accounted for in the new design and implementation of the site. This involved working closely with Ecosite. We worked with Catperson’s to target specific keywords that would help them gain traction for their site as a whole, as well as optimize high-value pages to ensure a steady boost in ranking when the site went live.

From there, we also created a blog, including initial content development, to corner more of the keyword market share for the brand. This involved talking to the team at Catperson’s to determine where their audience was most engaged and the sort of content that would speak directly to their ideal customer, wherever they were along the journey to purchase. The blog and its content were all optimized for audience-specific keywords and promoted after site launch to drive traffic.


With our SEO site launch support, Catperson’s successfully launched their new site in 2018 and — unlike many eCommerce sites who undergo a site revamp — saw a marked increase in their traffic, rankings, and conversions. Traffic sessions to the site improved by 138% year over year and the newly launched blog brought in $16,920.58 of total revenue.

Thanks to optimization and proper keyword analysis, 224 conversions were managed between Direct Conversions and Assisted Conversions — totaling $18,547.41 from the blogs and recipes section of the new site alone. Bobo’s has also achieved growth in ranking for all targeted keywords, helping them corner more of the market’s attention in search.