We needed to give our client’s audience Something more to engage with them online.

Client: Cold-Press

Focus: Digital Strategy, Web UI/UX, Brand Messaging, Brand Experience, Packaging, Brand Identity, Content Management, Responsive Design

Understanding the audience

How do we entice this generation of healthy consumers to participate digitally with a drink? You start with a smart digital Experience and Brand strategy.

A flexible homepage

We devised a strategy which places at the centre of a content marketing strategy. A destination for targeted lifestyle content. A unique way of introducing a range of tastes, and products. All the while exposing interesting information and lifestyle content.

Content from the heart

We delivered content in a simple, digestible way. Not over complex, or fussy. This allowed our audience to relax into an article and explore it easily, all the while being exposed to lifestyle brand messaging.

Responsibly Responsive

We know that our audience consumes content on the sofa at home, on the bus to work and at their desk. They use a range of devices, and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design isn't optional. To allow consumption of content and brand engagement, your design must be seamless across all devices.

Key Results

A website that deploys Cold-Press most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end, premium experience.

  • 48% increase in time spent on new website
  • 464% order value soaring
  • 500% Instant Return on Investment within first 4 month
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