Easy Soup

We Developed A Brand Identity for a new healthy fast food chain born in The Caribbean.


Client: Easy Soup

Focus: Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Visual Design, Brand Messaging, Brand Development, Brand Architecture, Brand Experience

​​​​​​​The Concept

Easy Soup represents the format of  fast casual which is extremely relevant today. Fast casual brands support and develop a balanced approach to nutrition and combine express service (typical for fast food) with the benefits of healthy food.

How did the concept of the business affect the design? First of all, the simplicity, convenience, and naturalness typical for this format had to be reflected in the corporate style using colours and other visual means. Secondly, as the points of sale were expected be located in malls with high levels of informational noise, all design elements had to be quickly and easily readable. Thirdly, the new point of sale would offer over 60 types of soup with the product range changing every week. Therefore the design solutions for the menu, branded ware, and other media had to emphasize different tastes of various positions but still remain universally applicable. And so on.

Emotional barriers also had to be taken into account. Soup still remains a home or, at best, a lunch dish. The wide audience used to disgusting soups from school canteens is only starting to understand that soups can be tasty, healthy, and now also convenient. When opening a fast casual sales point in the era of fast food and street food, one has to educate the customers about healthy nutrition and at the same time not  to repel them with dullness.

The Identity

When developing the logo, we naturally thought of a bowl of soup and the shapes of the products it consists of. This idea can be traced in the graphic images and lettering. The colours of the logo — healthy green and tasty yellow — illustrate the idea of balanced nutrition the whole concept of the place is based on.

The bright food palette shows the variety of ingredients, and the photorealistic images demonstrate their attractiveness and taste. A colour corresponding to each product emphasizes each taste position preserving the recognizability of the brand. And if the ware is transparent, its content literally becomes the background of the logo.

The Branding of the Retail Environment

When developing the design of a small food chain point, it is important to combine in harmony the architectural solution and the constants of the corporate style (in our case these are laconic shapes and natural colours). The design of a sales point was developed in line with these principles, and materials, colours, and surfaces were selected accordingly.

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