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Health & Fitness

Services Provided

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative copy and messaging
  • Designs support for the various platforms
  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Search, Shopping, and Display
  • Bing Search and Shopping
  • Email and CRM
  • Influencer marketing


Glowbar first hired Ecosite more than three years ago to take responsibility for all digital advertising. The most important metric we had to optimize for was cost per lead (CPL). But for Glowbar, cost per lead is a complicated KPI.


A massive campaign restructuring and overhaul got underway, but at the same time we brought in our UX and Conversion Rate Optimization team to get to work on optimizing for conversion rate. As we've written about previously, improving conversion rate is the most cost effective way of decreasing cost per lead or cost per conversion.

We presented a strategy to the client for building and designing new landing pages over a 3 month period for each of the programs. We'd build the landing pages on a framework that allowed us to run A/B tests on copy and design, a crucial element of effective conversion rate optimization (if you're not testing, you're guessing).

Industry Insights. The chocolate business has some unique dynamics to consider. This includes the split between gift buyers and people buying for themselves as well as the difference between first-time and repeat buyers and considerations around LTV. With great insights from the Vosges team, Ecosite has built our media efforts around these unique industry issues, ensuring that our campaigns are reaching the highest value audiences at the right times.


After redesigning our new landing pages to look simpler and more scarce (without sacrificing production quality) we saw conversion rates skyrocket across the Skincare treatments. Instead of launching the new pages fully, we originally sent 50% of traffic to the new landing pages and 50% of traffic to the original landing pages. Once we had statistically significant conversion data, we transitioned 100% of online traffic to our new landing pages.

Professional Culinary Arts
: January 15 - July 6: 10.79%
Revised: July 26 - January 14: 9.62%
Change: 1.16%
Overall Change: +12.11%

Professional Pastry Arts
Original: January 15- July 6: 11.21%
Revised: July 26 - January 14: 9.91%
Change: 1.29%
Overall Change: +13.06%

Intensive Sommelier Training  
Original: December 25- July 6: 16.58%
Revised: June 14- December 24: 8.45%
Change: 8.13%
Overall Change: +96.20%

Art of International Bread Baking
: February 26- July 6: 16.97%
Revised: October 18- February 25: 4.42%
Change: 12.55%
Overall Change: +284.06%