Marketing Strategy

Leaf Shave

Beauty + Cosmetics
Leaf Shave

Services Provided

  • Idea validation and discovery
  • Growth financial model
  • Landing page building
  • Rapid product/MVP prototyping
  • Market and competition research
  • Persona and UX analysis
  • Full funnel analytics and journey tracking
  • SEO


The goal was to plan and implement a PPC and SEO strategy that would grow ecommerce results, especially growing sales of the flagship Shaving Kits product. The Ecosite team developed a strategy focused around search ads on Google and Bing, Social Media ads on the Facebook/Instagram platform and a complete SEO strategy.

The SEO challenge for Leaf Shave had similar challenges to pay-per-click: a competitive landscape and seasonality. Not only is there fierce competition in the organic search results from other Shaving competitors but there are a lot of informational pages that rank for related keyword phrases as well that Leaf Shave ends up competing with in the organic search results.


Attribution. Leaf Shave operates within a complex environment of marketing analytics and attribution. The target audience will often interact with Leaf Shave across multiple channels and touchpoints before making a decision and correct marketing measurement relies on detailed data interpretation. Working closely with the Leaf Shave marketing team to measure and report results has been key to developing a winning strategy.

Facebook Audience. We operated Facebook Ads with remarketing and retention audiences for low-funnel results and lookalike audiences for higher-funnel prospecting, with demographics features including location, age, income, and interests layered on top of Facebook’s automated targeting to identify the best prospects at scale.

Choosing Keywords. By looking at the competitors’ rankings and organic search rankings for Leaf Shave on page 2 or 3 of the search results, we discovered keyword phrases to try to target, and listed the ones that had the most chance of success. We also created new pages on the Leaf Shave website targeting the keyword phrases on our final list.


Through 2018, Google Ads spend rose by 50% while revenue rose by 250%. To achieve this success required a complete deployment of Google Ads features including display remarketing, display prospecting, Smart Shopping, demographics and income targeting, and traditional brand and non-brand search. Leaf Shave found success adding Bing into the media mix once Google Ads began to mature and show results.