Brand Strategy

Lipault Paris

Retail + Ecommerce
Lipault Paris

Services Provided

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative copy and messaging
  • Designs support for the various platforms
  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard
  • Full site SEO audits
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Search and Display
  • Youtube Ads


Scale Lipault Paris digital marketing strategy and direct-to-consumer business while the core team focuses on operations, branding, and growing their business.


Lipault Paris is not getting the scale and CAC to LTV economics they desire at this stage of the business.

Discounts are only available twice a year. Otherwise, there is a strict no discount policy for their products.

Lipault Paris only started exploring paid channels a few months before hiring ReThinken, so ReThinken needed to build the growth marketing strategy from scratch.


Determined marketing channel mix and approach by creating audience profiles based on past customers and their brand affinities.

Created a series of rapid experiments to test new channels, audience targeting, and brand messaging to find learnings about potential customers and conversion funnel behavior.

Build a strong customer acquisition strategy from learnings from our experiments and targeting users in different stages of the conversion funnel.



As a result, Lipault Paris saw revenue increase by over 333% compared to the same time last year, while maintaining a ROAS of 6x.

From our learnings through experimentation, ReThinken doubled ROAS and lowered CAC by 50% within the first 90 days allowing us to achieve strong ad efficiency.