/OVERVIEW — Brand Identity & eComm redesign increase sales by +751%

Client: Lupini

Focus: Digital Strategy, Web UI/UX, Brand Messaging, Brand Experience, Retail Strategy, E-commerce Designs, Content Management, Analytics / Data / Influencer Marketing, Responsive Design

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, Lupini had a lot of boxes to check.

First and foremost, we had to craft a new brand that stood out among a slew of competitors, most of which were using similar vocabulary and vying for similar customers. That would take a carefully crafted visual identity and the messaging to carry it. If Wholesome wasn’t clear on exactly who it was, customers wouldn’t be either.

Lupini also included a major development challenge: three websites were to become one. This new site had to display a wide collection of products in a way that was intuitive and on-brand — all while offering eCommerce functionality, which the existing site lacked entirely.

The Approach

Our team worked closely with the Lupini team to chart out a plan and lay the foundation for real digital success across both brand and website.

Starting Strategic

Building a brand starts with real brand insights. To create a new identity for Lupini, we employed robust marketing and branding strategies that dug into Wholesome’s business, including their audience personas, brand concepts and story, strategic direction, and more. This laid the foundation for the rest of our efforts.

Branding Better

We knew that Lupini were advocates for real – real food, real people, and real loving moments. Lupini products were a reminder that choosing real was always a choice well made.

This sentiment acted as our north star throughout our branding efforts, best crystalized in the new tagline we created for the brand: “Mindfully Delicious.”

Always Thinking Human

At ReThinken, we’re always people-first. Not only did we redesign Lupini’s website to be more user-friendly, we also leveraged elements like full-width header images to showcase the real human moments that underpinned the new Lupini brand. The result is an experience that feels more bold, more human, and never stuffy – better reflecting what Lupini was all about.

Responsive for Life

A lifestyle brand should work with a modern lifestyle, and in our day and age that means being compatible across all devices. Our team developed a fully responsive website for Lupini, ensuring that their users could always access the website, whether it was from a laptop, tablet, or phone.


The Lupini brand today is brighter, stronger, and better expresses the values that drive this mission-centered company. With updated branding that’s seen everywhere from the product pages to packaging, and a site with the tools expected from a modern business, Lupini is primed for future success.

  • 1,025% increase in non-branded search impressions.
  • 240 % increase in non-branded clicks.
  • 751 % increase in sales
  • 75% of the website copy (some of which is in the works)
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