Marketing Strategy


Home + Furnishings

Services Provided

  • Rapid full-funnel experimentation
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Marketplace acquisition strategy
  • Content strategy
  • SEO
  • Design, UX, and copywriting
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative copy and messaging
  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard
  • Facebook and LinkedIn ads
  • Google Search, Bing ads


Rededition already had great brand recognition along with a nationwide network of partnering brick and mortar businesses, but wanted to migrate and consolidate its online presence into one, cohesive shopping experience for end-users and interior design professionals alike.


Ecosite saw an opportunity to grow online visibility by crafting a single web presence with a great site hierarchy and on-page optimization elements. Our team implemented a multi-faceted strategy which included:

  • A migration plan to a single platform with redirects to preserve SEO momentum of old site pages
  • Optimizing category landing pages for increased search engine exposure and content hierarchy at various points in the purchasing funnel
  • Page-level optimization to improve site keyword structure and relevance
  • Consolidation of outlet domain into parent domain with new landing pages and appropriate redirects


The first year working with Ecosite we saw some success pretty much right from the start. Before working with Ecosite, our organic site traffic was around 4,000 sessions for the year. After the first year, we saw our traffic jump to over 50,000. After the second year, our traffic jumped to over 300,000.

  • 973% Increase in Organic Revenue
  • 623% Increase in Organic Conversions

1,236% Increase in Organic Transactions