Transformed Odele Cosmetics with their customer experience through a new eCommerce platform

Client: Odele

Focus: Digital Strategy, Web UI/UX, Brand Messaging, Brand Experience, Retail Strategy, E-commerce Designs, Content Management, Analytics / Data / Seo, Responsive Design

Adapting To The Digital Age

Odele Makeup was in a position where its old corporate website was no longer fit for its purpose; it was impossible to update easily and quickly, and no longer reflected their brand or voice.

Rethinken deployed a smart digital strategy that was highly technical, but yet possessed a high standard projects for a large brand.

It Doesn’t Just Look Pretty. It Embodies The Personality And Character Of The Brand, And Helps Odele Accomplish Their Sales Objectives.

We built the site structure and wireframes to be in sync with strategic goals. The website not only looks modern, fresh and beautiful, it is informational and educational about what the products do, and what benefits they provide. The whole experience is has a simplicity, elegance and confidence about it.

A Digital-First Approach To Branding

Through exploration and iteration, we were able to establish a system rooted in raw aesthetics, real personality, and authentic opinions; as a brand with something to say, we designed how it was said by making it simple, but significant — bold typography, strong images, and a minimal elegance.

The Results

The new guidelines help them express their positioning, personality, and beliefs. Along with this, it provides direction for video and photography, as well as the the visual and verbal standards that we refined to define their new brand identity.

  • 700% Increase In CRM Sign Ups
  • 60% Increase In Unique Page Views
  • 93% Increase In Average Time On Page
  • 30% Improvement In Organic Search
  • 160% Improvement In Acq. Bounce Rate
Digital Culture
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