Paola Krauze

Paola Krauze

A fresh, clean and modern E-commerce site that drive more customers growth.

Client: Paola Krauze

Focus: Digital Strategy, Creative Direction, Retail Strategy, Brand Strategy, E-commerce Designs, Web UI/UX

Understanding The Audience

A leading challenge of an online jewelery retailer is over coming traditional shopping patterns of users visiting and browsing multiple website before making a purchase. Family-owned and experienced. Paola Krauze engaged EcoBrandUs to begin more effectively and strategically engaging and converting their target audience on their online store.


We worked alongside the team at Paola Krauze to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From identity and messaging, to the digital platform and content within it, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their brand point-of-view: “It’s only Fashion.”

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in, and shop for things they value--products that support their lifestyle and add something to their lives.

The Results

  • 550% Increase in Revenue
  • 150% Increase in Mobile Transactions
  • 65% Increase in Time on Page
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