We managed to connect the people of the neighborhood offering a wider pickup point network.

Client: Pic—Pac

Focus: Digital Strategy, Creative Direction, App Design, Brand Strategy,  Web UI/UX

The Problem

Users usually have so many problems with the shipping companies. The 90% affirm to have had bad experiences in the collection of their packages, they are rarely available at home to pick them up and they fear that their packages may get lost in the process. With this scenario, some users find a solution using pickup points to collect their packages, but this network is very limited, are concentrate in the city centers, are not flexibles in the collection and are subject to the conditions imposed by the companies asociated. This situation is frustaiting for the users that have to foresee the collection of their packages, with the effort and loss of time that this entails.

The Solution

Pic—Pac was born with the idea of putting in contact those users who can not pickup their packages at home with other users, small shops or nearby businesses that want to offer their space to pick them up for them. In this way we managed to connect the people of the neighborhood offering a wider pickup point network.

The Concept

Accessible, fresh, youthful and simple. A minimalist and functional identity inspired by the imaginary and the iconography of the packing services. The use of square shapes and simple modular forms, combined with the strength of yellow, match perfectly with the brand values.

The App

Pic—Pac is a pickup points network between individual people. The operation is very simple, users enter the characteristics of the package they expect to receive and the app will filter the pickup points near their location on the map. The users can contact to the pickup point that interests him most, agree the conditions of the collection and book it through the chat. Both users can track the status of the package and be informed about the process. Once the collection is complete, the users will be able to evaluate the experience with the pickup point, favoring the content and the trust of the rest of users.

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