Social Media Strategy

Smith & Sinclair

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Smith & Sinclair

Services Provided

  • SEM strategy and execution
  • End to end audit of Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts
  • Keywords research and campaign restructure
  • Integrating Google Ads data into CRM and MAS
  • Ongoing campaign management and optimization
  • Content marketing strategy and execution
  • SEO strategy and audit
  • SEO (technical and on-page optimization)
  • Inbound lead qualification and routing
  • Content marketing and sales pipeline attribution


Smith & Sinclair alcoholic cocktail gummies is now extremely popular with athletes and is carried in stores across the country. They came to Coalition looking to increase their online revenue through ecommerce marketing techniques. Take a look at what we accomplished in just one month.


Some of our efforts included writing keyword rich headings and title tags, optimizing copy, and updated their shipping system. As part of the first month of work, we set up and launched a series of 4 email blasts, using a simple graphic and simple promotion. Take a look at the return on their investment.


Only a few WEEKS after we sent the email blasts, we saw a 787% increase in revenue, from $9,780 the previous week, to $80,625. To sum up, our first month of work was paid for by our email efforts alone. Sessions to the site have increased significantly by 42.68%, with a 52.38% improvement in new visitors to the site.