Vast Virtue

Vast Virtue

We Created An Effective, Fresh Identity By Bringing Minimalism To The Forefront.

Client: Vast Virtue

Focus: Brand Architecture, Creative Direction, Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Visual Design


Vast Virtue came to Rethinken with the need for a logo for their startup, Micro Company. The vision for Vast Virtue was to create a logo mark which had a vintage look and feel.

Vast Virtue Needed To Build Awareness, Educate The Consumer, Increase Sales And Take A Stand Against The Status Quo In Their Industry.

We started with clarifying important foundational elements like brand purpose, vision, core values and beliefs. That helped us connect the product to something much greater. The fact that we all hear differently and therefore experience the world differently is common to us all.

We Ensured That Vast Virtue Can Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With National Brands

Our team designed a custom logo that incorporated the universally recognizable symbol of a box and plus sign, with the name of the brand itself. This handmade look communicates the work that Vast Virtue does, while catering to their targeted demographic of Skin Care and Beauty Enthusiasts.

Branding Experience & Design
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