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Venmo Credit Card

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Venmo Credit Card

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For Venmo’s first credit card, we wanted to connect the physical and the digital, all while introducing a new aesthetic to the market. Our solution was to embrace a much-maligned and under-appreciated design element: the QR code. By elevating this often overlooked graphic, we were able to create new ways for customers to use their cards and connect their phones to their wallets.

From bubble gum pink to jet black, the card is available in 5 unique colorways that leverage the Venmo color system, allowing customers to select the card that fits their style best.

The card is designed to create new behaviors, allowing you to scan the front of a card to split payments, share information, or pay bills. This new functionality is key in retaining the spirit of Venmo as it migrates off of your phone and into your wallet.

By moving all branding and customer information to the back of the card, we created a simple solution for the custom QR pattern on the front, while the vertical orientation reflects the digital experience on the phone.