Tid Watches

Tid Watches

+44% Increase In Sales By Developing Strategy, Brand, & Digital Design Direction

Client: Tid Watches

Focus: Messaging, Creative Direction, Design, Brand Strategy, Technical Strategy, Web UI/UX, Ecommerce

A tailor made digital strategy

TID's came to us after having difficulties with their current design agency who was unable to effectively realise their vision. They required a world class eCommerce digital strategy to match their high-end, innovative and stylish brand of luxury watches, something which EcoBrandNow were primed to deliver.

Rethinken has worked with TID's on strategizing, designing and launching other brands under the TID's brand including

We worked with TID's founder, partner, and leadership team to refocus their authentic story. We also developed the unique position of the brand, the core messaging, redesigned the identity system, art directed new lifestyle and product photo shoots, and redesigned a new e-commerce website. Our relationship with TID's has spanned over many years and we most recently worked with them on the branding, naming and launch of their new Collection.

Style as a priority

We teamed up to deliver an on point eCommerce platform worthy of its new stature. Rethinken is built on bringing the human experience to award-winning, consumer-facing digital. The partnership was sound, and the results speak for themselves.

Mobile experience inspires people to find outfit inspiration, save their faves, and get connected.

Millennials and fashion-inspired consumers like to browse on their mobiles, and they expect the mobile experience to be as good as desktop. If people want to use their mobile phone to shop, our sites are designed accordingly. Our mobile designs aren’t scaled down from our desktop design; they are created deliberately and uniquely, with absolute focus on every responsive element.

Key Results

A website that exploits TID's Watches most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end, premium experience.

  • 44% Increase in sales
  • 35% Increase in time spent on critical pages
  • 65% Increase in unique users
Branding Experience & Design
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